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Apologies and Gratitude // plus a sale just for you

Dear Friends,
After 6 months, and a couple of premature starts and stops- I'm back. I've been suffering with mold toxicity and a seemingly never ending series of disastrous external circumstances. I've lost most everything I own except for my jewelry bench, my dog, and my resiliency. I had been much more affected than I had realized, but I landed in the desert where I've been recuperating with family. I'm ready!
I know that a couple orders fell through the cracks during this timeframe and I'm truly sorry for any screw-ups and lapses in communication. I'm going through correspondences to make sure I haven't missed anything... and if I did... that I take care of you and make it up to you. I'll be in touch directly.
30% off all purchases through mid Feb. Use code {gratitude30}

Discount code excludes gift cards. Purchase a gift card during the sale and you will receive an additional 30% to your card.

I'm so grateful for my community and my clients, you are what keeps me moving forward.
With love,


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