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Summer Update - orders/repairs/emails...

Dear Friends,

I'm still backed up on some of your orders, repairs, and emails. I am currently going through to catch up (again), however I am not moving at a previous pace and still need some time for recovery, I've been sick again and I'm sorry again for another delay for the few of you that are still waiting. As you know I've been reeling from illness and the trauma of what now marks exactly ONE WHOLE year of being VERY SICK, HOMELESS (whether in a temporary landing spot or sleeping in my car), and also RUNNING TO SAVE MY LIFE during this timeframe. Unfortunately my WILL has been greater than my actual ABILITIES for the entirety of this timeframe. I'm truly so very sorry for the ups and downs, starts and stops. I am grateful for your patience during what has become a much longer recovery period than I ever anticipated. For the majority of you that have received your orders during this time period, that means I was blessed with a stable enough length of time to do work during that moment. I'm so grateful for that!!

But for a few of you, I still have work to finish and I'm so grateful for your patience!! You are truly so wonderful! To accommodate, as you know, I've closed my studio to new orders for now so I can work on backorders and repairs. At the moment, I'm offering vintage pieces from my personal and KE archives available to ship immediately. The sale of these pieces directly helps continue moving forward on the backlog, so that I can pass the work to contractors while I experience periods of not being able to do the work myself. Doing this kind of work - without the physical spatial stability that's required to continue get well past the illnesses brought on by my mold exposure- which is the SAME stability required to draw upon the LITERAL, ENERGETIC, and SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY it requires to make jewelry by hand, has truly been a next-to-impossible feat. As my life fell apart layer by layer til there was nothing left to break off, and as it continued to fall apart beyond anything I imagined possible, I had no inkling that my recovery from those circumstances would take time like this.. Life/God/Universe has other ideas. In the grand timeline of life it's a blip, but on a calendar it's long. Each time I thought I could rise back up during this past year, I wasn't healthy enough. And I set my work back farther each time with this eagerness. I can say that I know I still need a little more time to continue and sustain my recovery before I'm able to finish what I haven't finished yet. So, thank you! Your patience and support is so appreciated, I know it's been a long ride.. it's happening, I just need a little more time. Each and every day is a blessing, I'm truly grateful to be alive.




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