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the Journal - issue 03.26.23

order / customer service / inquiries update:

I couldn't be happier to be working right now, it means everything. I still have a few of your orders that I'm finishing up, but if you haven't heard from me about a question you had, your order, or your repair, please feel free to reach out again and I can give you an ETA. As blessed as I am to be busy, I've gotten a little overwhelmed with emails. Reach out at

A lot of you have been asking about mold toxicity, I'll be doing another Journal post with more information and some personal insights.




last days of march promotions:

-Friendship bracelets are buy 2 get one until 3/28 code: BFF50

-Feminist Nameplates are 30% off until 3/31 (no code required)



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